Tips on Cleaning Stubborn Stains on Carpets

For new stains attached to the surface of the carpet, clean as soon as possible before it is completely dry and seep into the carpet material. Remember, do not be tempted to rub the stain so as not to widen or seep into the carpet. Just patted it. Cleaning the carpet with shampoo takes several hours until the carpet is dry, so the room cannot be used as long as the carpet is still wet or damp. Carpet cleaning in the form of powder is quite suctioned using a vacuum cleaner machine so it is faster and gives the same result well.

Although you can remove the stain using detergent, you can also try the practical tips below, depending on the type of stain:

– For sticky stains such as chewing gum, apply ice cubes to make hardened stains before lifting them.

– For smelly stains, make a mixture of vinegar and warm water and then apply on the stain using a cloth.

If you have tried that method but have not succeeded, you can contact upholstery cleaners north shore and we will be happy to help you clean your carpet.

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