Tips for repainting your fence with the maximum result

First, clean the iron. Clean the surface of any dirt of dust, water, and oil. After the cleaner does smoothing using sandpaper no.180, to remove rust on the surface. If the rust is thick enough, can use a wire brush. After the rust is lost wipe with warm water and soap, then rinse with clean water. Immediately dry the surface of the iron so as not to arise rust back on the surface. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the recommended maintenance for cedar fence as well if you also have some wooden fences for your property.

Second, use special paint iron. Initially use the base paint on the surface of the iron so as not to arise rust back on the surface. Once dry is perfect, use an iron paint that has been mixed with thinner. Do the first paint and wait for up to 8 hours, and continue with the second paint until the colors are evenly distributed.

However, if it’s for the wooden fence:

First, sandpaper of wood surface until smooth and flat. Sandpaper in the direction of wood fiber with sandpaper no.180 and puree with sandpaper no.240. Clean the wood surface from dust, water, oil, and the rest of the sandpaper. “Measure moisture content in wood with promoter tool, water content less than 15 percent,” he said.

second, for a special coating on wood, use Wood Putty with a spatula applicator and let it dry. Wood Putty works to close the pore pores on the wood so that the results will be more solid. After drying, sandpaper with sandpaper no.240 until smooth and flat. Clean the dust with a clean cloth.

Third, for the use of wood paint, apply base paint diluted with thinner. Choose a large brush to paint. Once the base paint is perfectly dry apply the wooden paint according to the desired color. Mix wood paint with thinner and do the painting according to the direction of the wood fiber.

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