The big difference between national and international schools

National school subject matter is relatively large, in some high schools even more than 10 subjects. While the material of international school is relatively small, only focus on mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, Mandarin, and some lessons such as biology, business, economics, computer. Although little but hours of learning for the subjects are reproduced. So if we see, the discussion is more in-depth/detailed. Which one is better? If you want to choose more focus with lessons, yes, of course, international school, which is not crammed with lessons “rubbish” which is not used in the workplace. Remember in the world of work, it takes only applied subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, business, accounting and foreign languages such as English and mandarin. In the meantime, you might check out the Best International School in Bangkok if you want to find a suitable school for your children.

In addition, national school children usually see coma confused figures. What does it mean? National schoolchildren are accustomed to even numbers. Such as in the test, the results they get are usually no coma, aka good numbers. If there is a coma, they will suspect something is wrong. So they are very afraid to go wrong. And the process of counting them even though the numbers are hard to calculate multiple thousands or hundreds, still can not be a calculator. In courses, children are used to working out problems whose numbers are ugly, to get them accustomed to mistakes, thereby fostering confidence. While international school children accustomed to see the decimal or fractional numbers. And the calculation process is allowed to use the calculator. But for certain international schools whose teachers are mostly from Indonesia and Philippines they are not allowed to use the calculator, the alias must be manual calculate although the calculation is very difficult because of many decimals or multiplication thousands. Actually in Singapore or other British Commonwealth countries calculator is used. If the analysis, probably because teachers who came from Indonesia and Philippines who used to be in school are not allowed the use of a calculator, it is also applied to the current student.