It turns out these two items will be better if not stored in the bathroom

Most people will put various things in their bathroom, this will certainly trouble them when it will find the goods. then, you should know that there are some items that are not actually needed to be put in the bathroom.

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Saving lots of equipment in the bathroom is dangerous and can harm your health. Some of the items that should not be in the bathroom are

– Perfume
Do not store your favorite perfume in the bathroom because the temperature changes drastically change it to smell bad. Instead, keep it in a closet or on a dresser that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

– Drugs
Wardrobe and sink in the bathroom is not the right place to store drugs. The up and down temperatures and the humidity of the bathroom can make the medicines damaged and expired prematurely.
Especially for drugs, should be stored in a special box and located in a dry and cool place.