Parquet, Alternative Choice of Your Floor Type Building

One of the materials for the floor of a house or building that is quite popular is wood parquet or parquet. Perhaps many who do not know this type, but its existence increasingly popular in the world. The presence of parquet wood flooring can make the interior design of a minimalist home becomes more elegant, beautiful, and also comfortable. With the existing natural motifs, it can make the house look beautiful and feel united with nature. Often the tiled floor makes the foot feel cold when stepping on it. Floor made of wood parquet makes the feet touch it feels warmer and also comfortable. Not only that, parquet floor suitable applied to almost all types of buildings and rooms. For installation, you need experts who have a license and serve well the Grand Prairie foundation repair.

Basically, the parquet is divided into 3 types or variants, namely parquet veneer, laminate parquet, and solid wood parquet. All three have motives, advantages, and also different prices. Solid wood parquet uses a completely wooden base material, which is arranged and cut to the desired size. This type has the most durable resistance than other types because that’s the most expensive price. Laminate parquet is a compacted wood powder using high-quality adhesive, thus forming a sheet of wood called HDP. After that is plastered plastic deliberately made with wood motifs, this type will generally look glossy or shiny than other types, the price is the cheapest.

Parquet veneer or so-called veneer parquet is a combination of solid wood on the surface, and plywood or so-called low-quality wood at the bottom. In general, solid wood on this type of parquet has a thickness of only 5mm. Unlike laminate parquet, this parquet can be refined even though it can not be done as often as solid parquet. This explanation of the floor type of parquet that you can make an alternative choice to beautify your home or office space.