What Automation Email Can Provide When You Choose it for your Business

When you wonder to gain more info about automation marketing and even have a plan to benefit from it, then you have the reasons to know the advantages of the use automation email regarding of the type and size of your business.

1. Provide a larger conversion

Through this email automation feature, you can easily follow the people on your list. Follow up you can do with email automation there are 3, including:

– follow up the people who have clicked checkout but after crossing the transfer limit does not also make payment.
– follow up people who have not paid near the due date / due date.
– provide notification of orders such as invoices, shipping information and so forth.

So with ease follow up this can provide a greater conversion to your business.

2. Selecting an email list

You may have already broadcast emails to all contacts or to all your email lists. If once twice there is no problem, but if you repeatedly send the broadcast email to all email list will be a problem. The problem that arises is the longer your open rate goes down and the number of people who unsubscribe more and more.

Why can this happen? Because basically, the email you send via broadcast will not be 100% match to your email list. Therefore you need to do segments. You need to do a separation to anyone who opens your email and anyone who does not open it. And this can be very easy to do with the automation feature. So with the automation feature, you can maintain with both your email list.

3. Save time

Save your time
Actually, if we look again this feature automation function is almost similar to broadcast email function, segmentation, and autoresponder. If you use 3 features it will take a long time. Somehow, with email automation feature can save your time in performing the broadcast function, segmentation, and autoresponder.