How To Overcome Hair Crack On Cement Floor

Always the problem arises even though we keep doing the correct method of smelting and supervision on the manufacture of Cement floor. It is a crack on the cement floor is not dangerous, let alone cracked hair that arises in some floor area. However, this is very disturbing view. This is caused by several reasons, such as stomach un-homogenate with cement and dry speed of cement batter. In the case of differences in the type of cement, the spacing of time of plastering and cement and the plastering composition caused by the dirty sand on the mortar may be the cause. This can be overcome for the cause by calling a reliable power concrete crack repair . And secondly, it’s important, the cement dough that glues on the stucco is too dry, this is the cause. The lack of hydration of the water on the cement dough gives rise to rapid drying reactions. To be good at mixing, do the recommended procedure on each brand of cement. But Tip for How To Overcome The Hair Crack On The Floor Cement is perfect, in post-finish cement flooring workmanship, always supervised in the 1-day process to keep the moisture of this cement plaster up to 1 day up to 2 days. Do a small water spray on the finished cement floor.

Ceramic floors are often broken due to various things, including a boost of water from the ground through the adhesive layer, then push the floor. In addition, the cracked floor is also influenced also by changes in temperature, so the floor undergoes a shrinkage. The incident was not accompanied by the movement of adhesive or nat, both cracked or broken, causing the handle of the floor off. Therefore, you should install a floor that has an impermeable layer. Waterproof means to hold water in the soil to not penetrate the adhesive layer. Before repairing, the tools and materials you should prepare include cement, cloth, hammer or hammer, ruler of iron, sand, sharp knife, stone carving, cuter, nail set and cape. Way, remove the grout with a sharp knife. Mark the broken floor with cutter slices from end to end crossed and straight. In order for the line to be straight, use a metal ruler. The use of the cutter at this stage is not to cut, but only to create a line that is then cut with a nail set.

Next, crack the sliced ??floor using the nail set. First, hit the middle of the point of meeting the diagonal line. Then break the cracks of the floor until smooth by using stone carvings. Then, clean the hardened mortar, flatten the bottom with a cape. After that, clean it from the splinters of stone or gravel. Put the new mortar or species, and place the new tile in the section. Give grout around the tile and clean it with a cloth to neatly.

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