First Aid When Affected Heat Oil

It is important for you to know how first aid heat cooking oil if you are cooking. All housewives or cooks who work in the kitchen would be familiar when exposed to hot oil. Hot oil splashes will feel very hot and painful. Although it is trying not to get hot oil when cooking or frying, but this risk can be avoided if you use splatter guard.

When exposed to hot oil then you should not immediately panic. Here is the first aid step you can take.

Enter Injuries to Cold Water
Basically the injured exposure to hot oil is the same as the type of burn wound. Hot oils often cause scars to make the skin unattractive. For that first when you are exposed to hot oil, then immediately soak the wound with cold water. At least you can soak for 20 minutes until the wound becomes cold and not too hot.

Clean with Clean Cloth
After the wound is soaked in cold water then clean or dry the wound with a clean towel or cloth. Do not rub the wound because it can cause wounds to peel and infection. You just need to dry by gluing the towel to the wound.

Use Cream for Burn Injuries
After the wound is soaked and cleaned, apply the cream part for the wound that is exposed to hot oil. Special creams for burns will help prevent scars and risk of infection. If you do not have a special anti-burn cream then use a cold and non-alcoholic skin moisturizer.

Activities in the kitchen make it easy for you to suffer minor and minor burns such as splashes, accidentally touching pots or hot pans, boiling water and many other possibilities. This is not to make you have to be sent to ICU, but if left this small injuries will imprint and of course disturb your appearance. As explained earlier, to avoid all that, you need to visit our website to get splatter guard.

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